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“Discover an Exciting Hobby”

The Basic Training program is a recreational program designed for participants who love to move and bounce.  The gymnasts practice recreationally to learn more, stay fit, and have fun.


An introduction to the fundamentals of gymnastics using different apparatus and skills. Classes include warm-up, games and circuits.

• Designed for 3 – 5 year old boys and girls

  • Beginner level
  • Training once a week for 45 minutes
  • Two training slots to choose from


A recreational class for youngsters wishing to pursue gymnastics as a hobby. Learn new cool elements and have fun! Focus on trampoline fundamentals. Classes include warm-up, skill training and fundamental conditioning. 

• Designed for 7 – 13 year old boys and girls

  • Beginner level
  • Training once a week for 1.5h minutes
  • Classes run at Planet Aero trampoline park in Maerua Mall



“Training for Education”

The goal of the Talent Development Program is the development fundamental gymnastics and T&T-specific prerequisites; especially movement regulating and neuromuscular prerequisites.

The program aims to strengthen the already learned gymnastics skills with emphasis on developing more advanced skills, form, technique and confidence.

The program is designed to prepare the gymnasts for competitive T&T gymnastics.

Specifications: • More precise definition of goals • Willingness of parents to support • State of health / physique • Intellectual capacity • Personal motivation towards T&T • Motor ability – speed / agility / reaction capacity – flexibility, strength and power • Psychological -pedagogical aspects, such as courage, fear capacity for expression


An introduction to the Designed to provide an understanding and learning of the basic fundamentals of T&T. All instruction is taught on full size equipment with trained coaches. Gymnasts continue working on body control and focus on building strength and flexibility.


  • Designed for 6 – 10 year old boys and girls
  • Beginner to pre-intermediate levels
  • Training twice a week for 1.5h



“Training for Competitions”

Competitive T&T gymnastics is a great way for gymnasts to express themselves utilizing the concentration, confidence, creativity, self-discipline, strength, coordination, awareness, flexibility, balance, and agility they acquired in their classes. 

The Chalk Competitive Program follows the prescribed levels, rules and guidelines as implemented by the Namibian Gymnastics Federation and FIG.

This program provides a variety of options for girls and boys who wish to take their gymnastics experience to a higher level through competition.

The Competitive Team competes at national and international level invitationals for medals and trophies. The gymnasts range in age from eight upwards and compete based on their individual skill level. The program’s goal is for every competing gymnast to reach their individual potential no matter what skill level they attain.

The program strives to promote a good work ethic and high self-esteem by challenging the gymnast in mind and body while simultaneously having fun.

GROUP: Competitive squad 2

A combination of learning the fundamentals of T&T together with a more precise definition of goals assisting the gymnasts to take their gymnastics experience to a higher level through local, regional and international competition.

  • Designed for 7-12 year old boys and girls
  • Intermediate to pre-advanced levels
  • Training three times a week for 1.5-2h


Our Competitive 1 Group is for the more dedicated athletes and focuses on developing T&T gymnastics excellence in an environment where athletes’ safety, health, and wellness are our first priority. In their personal pursuit of excellence, each athlete benefits from ongoing personal and physical development that transfers well to their academic life, social development, and performance in other athletic programs. Previous T&T competitive level 2-3 experience required.


  • Designed for 6 – 10 year old boys and girls
  • Intermediate to pre-advanced levels
  • Training four times a week for 1.5h – 2 h


TopTeam is for athletes demonstrating the potential to become a top gymnast in Namibia.

It is within this stream that International and Olympic level athletes develop. The rules, skill requirements and commitments required of the athlete, parents and coaches are demanding.

Previous T&T competitive level 4- 5 experience required.

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We started Chalk with a mission of breaking down barriers to make gymnastics inclusive and accessible. Guided by our philosophy and led by our dedication to innovation and perfection, we are confident that Chalk Gymnastics and Performance Training will provide the greatest gymnastics specific learning environment to your child.

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