the art of movement

Our environment is fun, but out purpose is serious. To stay true to ourselves, we embrace a proprietary philosophy called the “Art of Movement” in which gymnastics is a conduit for nurturing the entire wellbeing of your child. Not only do we focus on developing the gymnastics specific abilities such as flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, but we also desire to advance the gymnasts’ listening skills, concentration as well as promote decision-making, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

This is what defines us. 

A message that brings to life our mission to help in the all-around development of children while providing an environment whereby gymnasts from all walks of life and various types of backgrounds can find themselves in the exciting world of gymnastics.

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We started Chalk with a mission of breaking down barriers to make gymnastics inclusive and accessible. Guided by our philosophy and led by our dedication to innovation and perfection, we are confident that Chalk Gymnastics and Performance Training will provide the greatest gymnastics specific learning environment to your child.

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SKW Sport Klub 

Wika Street, Olympia, Windhoek

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